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Choose between Strawberry with Champagne, Plum with Rum, Orange with Whisky, Raspberry with Kirsch, or Apricot with Amaretto. All fantastic gifts for food lovers, fabulous additions to the afternoon tea table, or delicious candidates for a luxurious breakfast!



Sweet oranges, lemons, sugar and whisky. Chunky texture, mid orange colour.

Great on toast, on crumpets or on toasted muffins.


Chopped apricots, sugar, amaretto (Italian almond) liqueur, lemon juice. Amber colour, soft set. Great with ice cream or yogurt, porridge, toast, croissants.


 Plums, sugar, dark Caribbean rum. Dark purple, soft set.

 Good cake filler, scone topper, swirled into yogurt.


 Raspberries, sugar, lemon juice, kirsch (cherry) liqueur. Dark pink glossy colour, with seeds. 

 Lovely with croissants, in yogurt, cream teas, sauce for deserts.



 Strawberries, sugar, pectin, champagne. Strawberries are soaked in champagne before cooking.  Smooth texture ,mid to dark red colour.

 Delicious on a croissant or crumpet. Good cake filling and can be used as a sauce for deserts.