Our plethora of preserves aren't just for toast (although they definitely cheer it up!)

Here are some great ideas that you might like to try:


All of our Sisley’s range of Jams are excellent cake fillers, particularly Sisley’s Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry & Apple, and Plum. For A more luxurious feel, try using our Amelia Rose range!

Cream tea’s traditionally use strawberry jam, but we have found that our Sisley’s Gooseberry & Orange preserve is a refreshing alternative and goes so well with clotted cream…as does our newest Crellow preserve, ‘Berry Sublime’, all of your favourite summer flavours in a jar.

Our Crellow ‘Quince Charming’ conserve also makes an unusual but scrumptious addition to a Victoria sponge.

For those of you who enjoy baking, try adding some Sisley’s Orange & Ginger marmalade to your tea loaf mixture to create a moist and spicy tea time treat.


If you are looking for something to perk up your rice pudding on a cold winter’s night, add a generous blob of Sisley’s  Blackberry & Apple – Autumn in a jar! Alternatively, try Sisley’s Rhubarb and ginger which is deliciously warming.

Try Sisley’s Blackcurrant or Raspberry preserves, loosened up with a drop of hot water as a fruity cheesecake topping, or add a spoonful of Sisley’s Rhubarb & ginger or Crellow Rhubarb & Grapefruit to thick Greek yoghurt. Extremely Moorish!

If it’s a glaze you are looking for, then our Sisley’s Apricot preserve & Crellow Quince Jelly are ideal candidates for fruit tarts. 


An obvious choice for breakfast is Marmalade, and with our range of seven different flavours, you are spoilt for choice!

Try slathering your morning toast with our award winning Sisley’s Pink Grapefruit marmalade, it with definitely put a spring in your step!

If cereal is more your thing, your bowl of porridge would definitely welcome a generous swirl of Amelia Rose Plum & Rum preserve.


Sisley’s Red Onion & Chilli delight has always been a firm favourite here at Sisley’s & Crellow HQ, & is mouth-watering in a toasted cheese sandwich.

Our best- selling Chutney, Sisley’s Cornish Ale is sweet yet savoury with a good mix of fresh & dried fruits which make it very versatile in sandwiches, rolls & baguettes.

Sisley’s Traditional Apple chutney is very at home with ham & cheese, and for some customers, has become a lunch box staple.

A number of consumers tell us they like Crellow Apple Date & Ginger chutney on toast as a marmalade, not as sweet and easily spreadable. Goes down a storm in toasted sandwiches also!

The soft caramel sweetness of Crellow Onion Chutney is excellent with cheese on toast or toasted sandwiches, as is Crellow Tom Foolery, a mixture of tomatoes, peppers & red onion with a little dried fruit, popular with children.


Crellow Apple & Onion chutney excellent with hard cheeses. Try it with a good cheddar like Davidstow Cornish Crackler, in a ploughman's lunch, or with ham, bacon or cheese in a sandwich.

Crellow Chutty Chutty Bang Bang It is excellent with strong cheddars and well-flavoured cheeses. A local publican uses it alongside a rich pork terrine whilst others recommend it with creamier goat's cheeses and Welsh Rarebit.

Crellow Damsons In Distress is a great accompaniment to creamy cheeses such as Brie, Camenbert and non-acidic goat's cheese.

 We recommend  Crellow Old Dowerhouse for camembert and other rinded cheeses.

A very loyal fan of Sisley’s Marrow & ginger preserve tells us that she enjoys it for supper most evenings with brie & crackers!

Another delicious partnering is brie (or other soft cheeses) with Sisley’s Apricot & Date chutney

Goats cheese stacked with Sisley’s Red Onion & Chilli on bruschetta is a match made in heaven.

Crellow  Quince Charming (conserve) is a great accompaniment for Stilton and other blue cheese.

If you are looking for chutney to go with strong hard cheeses such as cheddar, then any of our tomato and/or apple based chutneys would be ideal.


All our jellies can be used with roasted or barbecue meats, just as you eat Mint Jelly with Lamb, so try different combinations. They are all very versatile, and can be used as an ingredient in sweet and savoury cookery.

Our Crellow Hot Goddess is Lovely with sausages and baked potatoes

For grilled or roasted chicken and sausages, Crellow Red Pepper Relish is a must! It is a versatile relish, especially with summer barbecues in mind.

Crellow Herb Garden Jelly is excellent brushed last minute over barbecued chops or burgers or halloumi cheese

Sisley’s Piccalilli is very tasty with hotdogs, as is Sisley’s Hot Apple chutney with a Hog roast.

If you are looking for a perfect burger relish, then you can’t go wrong with Crellow Onion Relish or Sisley’s Red Tomato chutney.


Crellow Old Dowerhouse chutney  goes particularly well with bacon, ham and pork pies

Enjoy Crellow Red Pepper Relish with Spanish food like chorizos and charcuterie. Many chefs and caterers use this with cold meat platters and as a dip for crisps.

Serve our Crellow Sweet Pickled Cucumber slices with cold meats and pork pies or with smoked salmon or mackerel. We would recommend it for pate too and for food with an eastern theme.

Crellow Quince Charming is a very versatile product: - use as a glaze for gammon or ham.

Excellent served with roast pork, lamb, game and venison, or add a spoonful  of Damson jelly to gravies and casseroles.

Use our Crellow herb jellies in the traditional way spooned with roasted meat.

Sisley’s Plum Chutney is lovely with a meat pie or pasty & is also a great alternative to cranberry sauce with turkey or duck.


Beetroot Relish - Our most versatile Crellow product, try it in all sorts of settings:

Serve alongside cold meat and cheese including chicken or smoked mackerel.

Mix with a bit of creme fraiche and eat with smoked or roasted salmon.

Mix in a little olive oil, some chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice as part of a middle eastern mezze platter. It's especially good with houmous dishes or chickpea salads.

As good with cheese as meats, Crellow Orchard chutney is excellent spooned into a hot well buttered baked potato and left to sink in!

We have found our Crellow Onion Relish to be a handy addition to making gravy and casseroles.

We also use our Crellow Tom Foolery  as a 'secret ingredient' in gravies and sauces that need a dash of colour.

Jellies- some useful ideas…

A spoon in a salad dressing

Add a little to a rice or pasta salad

Herb Garden Jelly is delicious with fish or grilled prawns

We love Sisley’s Banana Chutney with a curry instead of mango chutney, give it a go!

Our Sisley’s range of fruit vinegars are handy to have in the cupboard for marinades, salad dressings & stir frys, as are our mustards, which make great dressings when added to a splash of oil & vinegar.