For all trade enquiries please see our ‘Contact us’ Page with how to get in touch.

As well as our retail sized jars we also offer a selected range of our products in 1.2kg and 2.9kg catering pails.

We will be more than happy to post or e-mail you a copy of our latest price and product list.

We are also happy to send samples of any product you wish to try.

We do have a small minimum order, however we offer free delivery throughout Cornwall.





     All products come packed 6 jars to a box.

      227g size jars come packed 12 to a box, everything else (standard size jars), 11 to a box

      (you are welcome to mix and match).


     All products come packed 6 jars to a box.


     Here at Sisley's & Crellow we have excellent experience, and the facilities to offer 'own label' 

     products for customers.

     If this is something that you are interested in, please contact us.