Our company is a combination of ranges which initially started their lives as separate Cornish food companies.

In 2010, the foundation stone for our business was Sisley’s Cornish Preserves, founded in Penzance Cornwall, in 2003.

The Sisley’s range consists of a variety of handmade chutneys, jams, marmalades, mustards & sauces, all using quality ingredients. We aim to use Cornish produce wherever possible and when in season. Our recipes are guarded secrets passed onto us by the founder of the company, Mrs Sisley, which give the products a homely, traditional taste, reminiscent of what Granny would have made.

Sisley’s preserves have an army of loyal customers who appreciate our classic, bold fruity flavours, made simply with fruit, sugar, spices and vinegar…as they would have been made in days gone by.

With our love of cooking, and passion for ingredients, we take great pride in making our preserves just so, with new and existing recipes being carefully crafted, resulting in some award winning products.

This range of preserves are quality,  daily essentials, found on breakfast tables, lunch boxes & afternoon tea’s all around the county & beyond!


Our range of preserves diversified in 2012, with our ‘Amelia Rose’ brand (named after its creators!) consisting of simple fruit and sugar combinations, with a twist…of alcohol! Now we are able to offer you five of your much loved, classic fruit preserves, with a dash of liquor or bubbly to compliment the existing flavours.

Choose between Strawberry with Champagne, Plum with Rum, Orange with Whisky, Raspberry with Kirsch, or Apricot with Amaretto. All fantastic gifts for food lovers, fabulous additions to the afternoon tea table, or delicious candidates for a luxurious breakfast!



Crellow, a fellow, local preserves company, had always had a great reputation for its delicious range of unusual chutney and relish, therefore we were thrilled to take over from the previous owners in 2012.

Our ‘Crellow’ specialises in savoury chutney, pickle and relish, a few jams and marmalades, and other rare products for your larder - a little bit of Cornwall in your cupboard.

We use traditional recipes and cooking methods in our modern commercial kitchen.

Just like Sisley's, Crellow has been creating premium quality products since 2003, with no preservatives, or additives, making it a perfect addition to our family. We use traditional recipes & cooking methods with often, a modern or multi-cultural twist, with many of our preserves taking inspiration from hotter climates.

A lot of our ingredients are peeled and chopped by hand to create an excellent texture. Our traditional and time consuming methods result in national award winning products with unique bite, flavour and colour.

Crellow product ingredients are very seasonal & sourced locally where possible, often direct from the grower. This includes our Cornish beetroots from neighbouring farmers, Kea Plums direct from Coombe, on the Fal estury & cider/cider vinegar from Cornish Orchards at Duloe.

Our policy is to support Cornish growers and suppliers where availability allows. Beyond the Tamar we buy Victoria plums and quinces from English orchards.