Gold Star 2013- Pink Grapefruits, Lemons & Sugar. Sharp and tangy, lovely pink/orange glossy colour.

Perfect for breakfast time on toast, toasted muffins or crumpets.

Made in January/February/March.

Sweet Oranges, Lemons, Pink Grapefruit & Sugar. Thick cut peel, mid orange colour. Available in catering tubs.

Great for breakfast time, lovely and tangy.

Made in February/March.

Sweet Oranges, Crystallized Ginger, Lemon Juice & Sugar. Mid orange colour, chunky texture, thick cut peel.

Good for toast, homemade orange and ginger cake, muffins, crumpets etc.

Made in January/February.

Bitter Seville Oranges, Lemon Juice & Sugar.

Made in January. Available in catering tubs.

Dark orange glossy colour, with lots of peel. Great on toast, cakes, crumpets, good glaze for pork.