A gently spiced apple & onion based chutney, embellished with seasonal cranberries & dried fruit. A perfect partner for a cold cuts/cheese platter over the festive period, and an excellent way to cheer up some left-over turkey.

Made from September/October, usually sold out by Christmas!

A moreish Onion & Red chilli relish with a background hint of ginger & garlic. A firm favourite here at Sisley's & Crellow HQ, it's so tasty & versatile.  Delicious with cheese & crackers, savoury tarts, toasted sandwiches, or with meat from the BBQ.

Most popular chutney- Apples, Onions, Cornish Tribute Ale, malt vinegar & Dried Fruit sugar & Spices. Caramel brown, loose spreadable texture.

Great in sandwiches/baguettes/rolls, ploughman’s lunch.

We try and make this in the autumn/winter, but usually have to make extra throughout the year.


Apples, Onions, dried fruit, malt vinegar sugar & Hot Spices.  Dark yellow/brown colour, loose spreadable texture.

Good with Pork & other Cold Meats.

Made in the autumn/winter.

Apricots, Dates, Sultanas, Distilled malt vinegar, Mustard Seeds, Sugar & Spices. Good with Cold Meats/sandwiches. Orange/brown chunky texture.

Made year round.

Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Onions distilled malt vinegar sugar & Spices.

Good with Cold Meats and sausages. Bright yellow and very chunky texture.

Mostly made in the summer.


Great with curries. Bananas, malt vinegar raisins sugar & Spices. Caramel brown colour, thick consistency.

Made in the summer.

Brown/purple in colour.  Plums, Onion, Dried Fruit, malt vinegar sugar & Spices.

Good with Pork, cold cuts, pies etc.

Made year round.

Red/brown colour, loose texture. Tomatoes, Onions distilled malt vinegar sugar & Apple. With spices.

Good with Cheese and ham.

Made year round.

Apples, Pears, Dried Fruit onions sugar & malt vinegar. Smooth texture dark brown glossy colour

Good with mature cheese and in sandwiches.

Majority made in Autumn/winter.