Strawberries, Pectin & Sugar. The strawberries are lightly mashed to create a textured, but spreadable dark red jam.
Made year round. Available in catering tubs.
Versatile use :  toast,  sandwiches, Victoria sponge filling, cream teas tarts etc.

Blackcurrants & Sugar. Very dark & smooth.
Made year round. Available in catering tubs.
Good on toast, with scones and clotted cream, in tarts.

Raspberries, Lemon Juice & Sugar. A dark pink, glossy jam with seeds.
Made year round.
Great for cake fillings, cream teas, waffles, pancakes tarts etc.

Dark purple, with some seeds. Blackberries, Apples & Sugar.
Majority made in the autumn when apples are in season.
Use for sandwiches, cake fillings, good sauce for ice cream.


Red/brown colour, Plums & Sugar. ‘Soft set’ so fairly loose in texture. Easily spreadable.
Made year round.
Good alternative to strawberry  jam for cakes etc. Great for jam tarts.


Local Marrows, Crystallized Ginger, Lemons & Sugar. Lovely bright yellow colour, chunky texture.
Made in September.
Good on wholemeal toast, also goes well with soft cheeses.

Pink/brown colour, Rhubarb, Crystallized Ginger, Lemons & Sugar. ‘Soft set’, loose texture.
Made year round.
Great swirled into natural/Greek yoghurt. Lovely with porridge!


Apricots, Lemon Juice & Sugar. ‘Soft set’ chunky, but spreadable. Dark amber colour.
Made year round.  Available in catering tubs.
Versatile, but makes a good ‘glaze’ for deserts. Great for jam tarts.


'Taste Of The West' 2015 Silver winner.
This tangy yet sweet amber coloured preserve is like summer in a jar, packed full of juicy gooseberries and citrus zest. A beautiful alternative to Strawberry preserve as part of a cream tea, or as a victoria sponge filling.